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Tools and Materials Required

Many of the tools required for installing a synthetic golf putting green are common household items that you most likely already own. The equipment that you do not own, such as a gas tamp or plate compactor, are able to rent at a local rental company in your area.

Tools Required
  • Hammer
  • Measuring tape
  • Rope or cord
  • Drop spreader
  • Can of spray paint
  • Lawn sprayer and vegetation kill
  • Weed barrier or plastic liner
  • Shovel
  • Wheel barrow or bobcat
  • Landscaping rake
  • Garden hose with spray nozzle
  • Sod cutter (rental equipment)
  • Stiff bristle broom
  • Ride-on roller or gas tamp (rental equipment)
  • Industrial carpet cutting knife
  • Small hand shovel

The measuring tape, extension cord, and spray paint will be used to measure and mark the desired area for your putting green. The lawn spray, weed killer, and weed barrier will be used to kill and block vegetation from growing under your sub-base. The shovel, wheel barrow, and rake will be used to move and spread the sub-base material. The garden hose, spray nozzle, ride-on roller, lawn roller, or gas tamp will be used to compact the sub-base. A gas tamp, also called a plate on roller compactor, will compact the sub-base much quicker than the lawn roller. A ride-on roller can be rented for about $155 a day which compacts the fastest.  A lawn roller can be rented for about $8 - $12 a day, and a gas tamp will cost about $20 - $30 a day to rent. 

The drop spreader and the push broom will be used to fill the putting green with sand. The small hand shovel is used to dig the regulation holes in the sub-base. The utility knife will be used to cut the holes out of the turf. 

Materials Required

If you are installing your putting green on concrete, you need not be concerned with the sub-base material.

The best sub-base consists of 4" of crushed rock (also known as Class "A" rock) topped with 4" unwashed crushed limestone. The crushed stone underlying sub-base should be clean and have no fines. However, most people feel that 4" of crushed limestone, by itself, is adequate.  The following materials and instructions are based on installing a 4" sub-base of crushed limestone.

Sub-Base Material

This is an unwashed crushed limestone compacted to form a solid foundation for your golf putting green. It is known by several different names in different areas of the country. It has been called: 

  • Granite crush and run
  • Manufactured sand
  • DG (disintegrated granite)
  • Crushed fines
  • Stone dust
  • Limestone or limestone dust

Be sure that the crushed limestone is 1/4" minus.  If 1/4" minus is unavailable, you can get by with 3/8" minus. This means that no piece of stone is larger than 1/4" or 3/8". You want the smaller, finer pieces of stone to help in the compaction process. You will be able to find the stone at a local stone company, rock quarry, or gravel pit at a cost of about $10-$15 per ton delivered. When calling, be sure to tell them you must have stone that is NOT washed.

To determine how much sub-base you will need, use this formula: for every 12'x6' area (or 72 sq. ft.), you will need one ton of crushed limestone. For example, if you have a 12'x24' (or 288 sq. ft.) putting green, you will need 4 tons of stone. (four 12'x6' areas or 288 divided by 72 = 4). You will need the same amount of stone for the crushed rock, beneath the crushed limestone, if you choose to use both. 

Sand-Fill for Polypropylene Putting Greens  
White and black sandblasting sand (30 - 35 grit or medium):  make sure it is 35 grit sandblasting sand and not all-purpose sand. If you can't find a 35 grit, then a 40 or 60 grit can be substituted. It will be a little bit finer sand and may take a little longer to push into the turf. You will be able to find this sand at a local sandblasting supply store for a cost of $4-$6 per 100lb. bag.  For aesthetic purposes, 20% of the sand you buy needs to be black or putting green sand. 

To determine how much sand you will need, use this formula:  The 1/2" Performance turf will take about 2.5 lbs of sand per sq. ft.; the 1" Performance turf requires 5 lbs. of sand per sq. ft. For the Performance putting green, take your total square footage and multiply it by 2.5 or 5.  For example, a 12'x24' Performance 1/2" putting green is 288 sq. ft., so 288 x 2.5 = 720 or approximately 7-100 lb. bags of sand.


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